Personal work, experiments of all sorts, analog or digital, representative or abstract that didn’t find their way into a commercial project.

Velocity Vector Mosquitos 

Continuing the explorations with Houdini and my pen plotter I created some swirly mosquito flight paths.

Flow Field Worms

I’m blown away by Per Kristian Stoveland‘s generative art ( – check it out!) and wanted to create my own wormy setup with Houdini and my newly bought Axidraw A4 pen plotter.


Caustics II

Since I enjoyed working with glass materials and caustics, I decided to explore more shapes and ended up having one of the designs printed and framed. 


Styleframe for a music video idea


Closeups of an explorations for 2020’s “36 days of type” challenge. This actually ended up being an “A”. 

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